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I work for a chief executive who is listed in Who’s Who. Among his interests is ‘Coronation Street‘ which is something I like in a boss because I like it too. Corrie for the most part is Shakespearean in its dialogue. And, every now and then, it’s inspired.

Take tonight for instance. The Rover’s was over-manned (sorry peronsed) when Danny Baldwin steps across the threshold and orders a pint of Newton and Ridley’s best:

“I geddit,” says Danny, “it’s a tribute to British Leyland. Betty pulls the pints, Violet takes the money and Liz delivers the change. It’s a theme pub!”

And when Betty gainsays, he accuses her of being Red Robbo.

You had to be there!

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  • Bazza 25th March 2006

    I was there and I can’t believe your blog has highlighted this after I said to my wife how brilliantly funny it was. (she didn’t get it, but she is a few years younger than me). I think it’s brilliant that a programme as established as Corrie can still come up with cracking comedy moments.

  • Jennyta 27th March 2006

    Great to find a fellow Corrie fan!

  • Anonymous 29th March 2006

    For more on Coronation Street, there’s a great blog here at

  • Shooting Parrots 29th March 2006

    Thanks for that. A must add to the blog roll.


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