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I’ve gone quiet again. There are several reasons:

1) I haven’t had much to add that is original to the great debate/waste of space that is Blogdom (as if I ever had.)

2) I’ve been busy. Saturday saw me conscripted into Mrs P’s ‘Clear the Garage’ project, an attempt to reclaim some lebensraum in that annex of the house that is never used for its intended purpose.

3) Mother’s Day. (Never quite sure where to place the apostrophe. Is it mother singular or plural? Ask your Mum and it’s the former not the latter!) So I was a bit busy doing the usual chores, plus doing the food — what I don’t know about a great chilli and blue cheese burgers isn’t worth knowing.

4) The real reason — Master P having commandeered the home PC to play his new game, Warhammer: Dawn of War.

Good game, good game!

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  • Laura 29th March 2006

    Don’t feel bad, Polly. I haven’t been able to come up with much either. I get like this every couple of months or so.


  • Shooting Parrots 29th March 2006

    Thanks Alice, sympathy I can live with.


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