Big Mac with Time Flies

Blimey, technology is ageing. Apple is 30 years old apparently. The Mac was my first love, my first computer, the one that made you go, “Wow!” WYSIWYG and all that.

That was in 1986, so I missed out on ten years of what is probably one of the most important developments in human ingenuity. The old Mac Plus may not look like much now, but it changed my world then and it shapes the world still. Where else would Windows have been copied from?

I resisted the march of the PC for about 15 years, despite the IT department whingeing that, “We don’t know anything about Macs.” I finally succumbed when I wanted a laptop and the IT bods flatly refused to countenance an iBook, even though the original Powerbook 100 was voted the best gadget ever.

So, despite the Mac being faster and better and having all the best tunes, I’m stuck with an MS machine at work and at home, on which I write. But at least Mrs P is keeping the Mac end up — she’s just herself the Mac Mini pictured above. And, yes, I am more than the least bit jealous.

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