I was handed a little bit of history today. Issue one of the North West Inquirer, a new weekly newspaper which in its own words is “positioning (itself) very carefully at the top end of the market,” promising more insightful coverage of issues of the moment.

Actually, not strictly true. The paper in my hands is a dummy run, the real thing launching two weeks tomorrow which is why I called it a little bit of history because this is the real one, while the real one will be the false one if you follow my drift. Of the 80 pages, there is five pages of ‘news’ before switching to cod Latin of the lorem ipsum variety.

It’s an interesting development. In an internet age in which newspapers have ceased to be the prime source of news; falling sales; redundancies at once powerful voices; and the growth of crap journalism, well it can only be regarded as a brave experiment.

But I wish them well. Even in these days of instant news, I hope there is a place for the physical sort, the ones that leave your fingers grubby with newsprint and, more importantly, make you think and add to the debate, rather than just be yet another scandal-monger in chase of the debased.

Time will tell.

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