Madonna della Scala

I have to admit that I haven’t been blogging of my best of late, or rather at my least worst. I haven’t mentioned it here, but there have been various worries nagging away that seriously demotivate the creative process.

Will Miss P get the place she wants at uni? Will I still have a job this time next year? Is the pension going to stretch? The usual stuff.

The unusual stuff was Mrs P’s health. I haven’t and won’t go into the detail here, but she had what could have been a potentially life-threatening condition and she was worried — sorry scared — as was I. It has gone on for some time, visits to the doc, a painful procedure and longer than you’d care to hang around for to get the result.

Today they came. Not the complete best, as in “you’re absolutely fine,” but next in line “you won’t need any treatment for at least five years, if then.” The prognosis is very good which is appropriate at Easter time — the stone has been rolled away.

And when I Googled an image to illustrate my (our) relief, up popped the above, “Madonna della Scala” by Michelangelo Buonarroti, or just plain Michaelangelo to you and me.

“Mother of the Stairs.” Given the three flights that Mrs P has to negotiate to get dirty clothes from top to cellar washing machine, very appropriate.

Meanwhile, I do recommend the Michelangio website.

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  • Jennyta 14th April 2006

    I’m so glad Mrs P is OK. It is very nerve-wracking when you are waiting for results. Have a happy Easter.

  • Shooting Parrots 15th April 2006

    Thanks Jenny, it has been very pleasant so far!

  • Son of Groucho 15th April 2006

    Very sorry to hear about your recent worries Mr P, and glad that the outcome has not been too serious. Please give my regards to Mrs P and my best wishes for a speedy recovery.

    Michelangelo is a hero of mine, and someone to whom the title genius, a description often bestowed too easily these days, can unreservedly be applied.

  • J.J 20th April 2006

    I’m sorry that I have only just read this and am so late sending best wishes. Blogging has been a bit problematic for me recently.

    I am so glad the news was fairly positive and will keep hoping that Mrs P is feeling much much better.


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