I’ve been tagged by Jennytc.


1. Go write weird facts/things/etc. about yourself in my comment box and on your blog, then tag six more people!
2. Then leave a comment that says ‘You are tagged’ in their comments telling them to read your blog.

My weird and wonderful facts are:

1. I go in trepidation of door handles. It goes back to an office block I worked in where the handles regularly gave me static shocks.

2. I’m a Codeword addict, the one and only reason for buying the Daily Mail. Try one online.

3. My ongoing family history research probably makes me guilty of ancestor worship.

4. My ggg-grandfather supplied the stone to build the second Woodhead Tunnel, as well as keeping the navvies happy by running a beerhouse. (See No. 3)

5. I’ve fleetingly met David Mellor, Alan Milburn, Edwina Currie, Virginia Bottomley (and her dad), John Reid, Ken Clarke and Hazel Blears all of whom were/are extremely personable and capable. Except David Mellor. Guessed the connection? Apart from all being politicians I mean.

6. Hard to believe I know, but I quite like doing the ironing, as long as there’s something worth listening to on the radio. Hence the ironing picture by Degas above.

7. I can wiggle my ears.

8. I do not sport a tattoo, or earrings or other face furniture. My body has no piercings and I never park in disabled parking bays. I don’t chew gum or spit in the street, nor do I drive in the middle lane on a clear motorway. All in all, I think this makes me a pretty unique person!

The question is, who to tag back? I’ve decided on Jane, Laura, SoG, Alice, Mark and Mark.

Nobody’s prefect. If you find any spelling mistakes or other errors in this post, please let me know by highlighting the text and pressing Ctrl+Enter.

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  • Elle 21st April 2006

    Yeh thanks….
    Anyway my family version answers:-
    1. At school I was pushed into the school bully, a real nasty piece of work. He fell and broke his arm. Since then the story at school was that I broke his arm so nobody dared to come near me. I never put this right for obvious reasons.
    2. I got married in bright red the first time and black and pink the second time.
    3. I have never been drunk. Don’t need to..
    4. I was an altruistic egg donor. OK so you knew that already. But it is still unique.
    5. When I was a student in Amsterdam I was scouted for Yab Yum. I said ‘no’ hence me being able to put this in the family version.
    6. I am right handed but wear my watch on my right arm, tie knots ‘the wrong way around’ and wear my belts as a left hander.
    7. My sister is ‘only’ 11 months younger. Despite the fact that we are very different, she is my closest friend. She is also the only person on the world who knows everything. Well almost.
    8. And last but not least….
    I’ve got 11 scars on my hands. All down to my clumsiness.

  • Shooting Parrots 22nd April 2006

    Excellent! Thanks Laura. But eleven hand scars?!

  • Elle 22nd April 2006

    A bit much I realise but it is a combination of burns, cuts, stabs, falls and cracks. All unintentionally self-inflicted…

  • J.J 23rd April 2006

    Humm, I may end up repeating some weird stuff I have already disclosed but here goes.

    1. I hate butter and margarine. This makes buying sandwiches problematic.

    2.Discovering butter in my marmite jar can ruin my entire day.

    3. I once shared a lift with Darth Vader but acted cool and pretended not to recognise him.

    4. I lost my dress on an escaator at Oxford Circus tube station. And yes, I was wearing it at the time.

    5. Before I had children my feet were a size 4. After I had children my feet were a size 5. I have never understood why. I was left with a wardobe full of shoes I couldn’t get into.

    6. Although we really needed to win yesterday, I still couldn’t help but feel sorry for the Oxford supporters.

    7. Regular readers of my blog know me better than members of my own family.

    8. I can do levitation. I had a memory of levitating another girl at school when I was 11 but had decided it was a false memory. However about 6 years ago I found out I really can do it. It is my party piece.

    9. Whilst two of my children have inherited my ability to touch my nose with my tongue, one has not.

    10. I knew I would fall in love with Reidski before I had even met him.

  • krip 23rd April 2006

    Codewords – I love ’em. You could always buy the Telegraph. They have a codeword daily.

  • Shooting Parrots 23rd April 2006

    Thanks Jane, good stuff. This levitating thing, is that where you press down hard on someone and then lift them up with just one finger? I seem to have a memory of doing this too.

    Krip, thanks for the tip. I do read the Telegraph, but the online version, something I must change.

  • J.J 23rd April 2006

    In my version you rub your hands togteher to get ‘heat’ and then hold them above the person’s head before lifting with two fingers. I’m sure there must be a logical reason why it works, but I have NO idea what that could be.

  • gemmak 25th April 2006

    Hey…small world. I came here via your webpage, found searching ‘Hyde’, where I used to live….and find on your blog Jennytc, a long time blogger friend of mine!

  • Shooting Parrots 25th April 2006

    Hyde is where the Parrot’s was once lodged! Our kids were hatched just off Stockport Road in Gee Cross. Where were you?


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