Two Shags Prezza

I mostly fight shy of politics when blogging. Experience elsewhere tells me that it usually ends up in nah-nah name-calling in the comments slot and/or you get pigeon-holed which is probably worse. So I’ve left red-top headline writers to it (see above,) Until now.

It’s his barmy claim that much of what was printed today is untrue. So far, so good, but taking his anger to the Press Complaints Commission? If the lady had lied, why not his lawyer to grab most. if not all, of her six-figure fee, or even more from the Mail on Sunday that published such scurrilous accusations? Or the even deeper pockets of Max Clifford?

Because the PCC is another flattened hedgehog of roadkill self-regulation. It’s a threat that is no threat.

No matter how this plays out, bear it in mind the next time the media accuses the authorities of abusing self-policing bodies.

And, lest we forget, Mrs P’s observation that, given the choice, she’d rather be punched by Mr Prescott.

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  • Jennyta 1st May 2006

    I’m with Mrs P. The woman must have been desperate or blind or both!

  • Mike 1st May 2006

    I actually believe the media on this one, but God alone only knows what possessed the women to commit such atrocities.

    Prescott was the first up to deride the Tories when they were found guilty of such shenanigans, a little too much of Kettle, pot, and black calling me thinks.

  • Shooting Parrots 2nd May 2006

    Jenny: Whoever it was that said that David Blunkett had at least a nice dog to offer had a point.

    Mike: I hear what you’re saying. The Prezza thing doesn’t bear thinking about, but then neither does Blunkett, Chelsea Strip Mellor, Paddy ‘Pants Down’ Ashdown, Major and Currie, Harold and Marcia, Jeremy Thorpe, Profumo et al.

    Seems a rampant libido is top of the list of a politician’s cv.

    Only the BNP are free of the curse. Exceot for their attraction for leather leder-hosen. Best not to go there!

  • Blognor Regis 3rd May 2006

    To the last point, in the words of PJ O’Rourke:

    People ask me if I’ve ever been called a Nazi. I answer that no one has ever had dreams of being tied down and sexually ravished by someone dressed as a liberal*.

    *In the American sense.


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