I Should COCOA*

One thing the NHS is very good at is inventing acronyms for titles and phrases that then become words again, for example Coronary Artery Bypass Graft became CABG that then became Cabbage.

Some are quite contrived and some unfortunate, such as South Manchester University Hospitals Trust, or ‘Smut’ for short, while others are downright rude, like the short-lived Salford Health Action Group. (There are only two references to the latter on the web, but one is from Hansard, so I’m not making it up.)

But my recent favourite is the Bury, Rochdale, Heywood and Middleton Local Improvement Finance Trust which is now known as ‘Brahms and Lift.’ Excellent!

*Committee to Outlaw Contrived and Outrageous Acronyms

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  • wonkotsane 13th May 2006

    You aren’t a fan of TLA’s* then?

    *Three Letter Acronyms


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