Balls Off

A leaflet spilled out of the local free paper (one of) advertising store offers* among other things a two man (sorry, person) tent for £7.97 and a sleeping bag for £5.87, hypothermia (as opposed to hyperthermia) and a wet bum guaranteed for less than fifteen quid.

But riding chaps and jodhpurs? I mean, if you can afford to stable a pony you’re not exactly looking for a numnah by George at Asda or whoever.

And another ‘but’: their cricket box that they refer to as.. ahem… an abdominal cricket guard for £2.47. Two observations for the powers that be at Tesco.

1) If you have a red, leather-clad lump of heaviness heaving its way towards you at 80 to 90 mph, your first protective thought isn’t your abdomen.

2) Given the above, £2.47 doesn’t exactly instil confidence.


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