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Not much to say this evening other than to recommend two posts by Yorkshire PuddingVerification and Verifica. Wonderful stuff.

PS: Actually, there was something, several questions from Masterquiz in the Daily Mail today to tax your brain:

1.Who directed the 1991 film Cape Fear?

2. What is the capital city of Mongolia?

3. Who was England’s last Tudor monarch?

4. Which decade was BBC1’s Grandstand first shown?

5, Who is the current president of Turkey?

6. How many pints are there in a quart?

Now I could have a stab at questions three and four and the rest would have me stumped, but question six? As Chris Tarrant always tells us, they’re only hard questions if you don’t know the answer, but has the march of metrication been so relentless that it can only be answered by an old fart like me or someone under 30 with an interest in British history and social customs?

Still, thinking of Imperial measures etc reminded me of a (weak) childhood riddle: How do you turn pennies into sausages?

Pennies make shillings, shillings make pounds, pounds make stones, stones make walls and Walls make sausages. (Groan)

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  • Blognor Regis 16th May 2006

    Martin Scorcese; Ulan Bator?; Elizabeth I; 1950s (it was in the news last week); no idea about the Turkish President; now then I have a feeling there could be 20 pints in a gallon which would make 5 pints in quart however that could be a) all totally wrong or b) American measurements.


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