Cooee Mr Shifter

It seems we’re even close to chimpanzees than we imagined, at least timewise. The hint that there had been interbreeding between the species is disturbing, but it is good to know that the monkey house that is PMQs preserves our genetic past.

And our fondness for tea. Okay, so the chimps were stuck with the rather ordinary PG Tips for their tea-parties while we higher-beings have moved on to Assam, Earl Grey and fine breakfast tea, my own particular favourite.

But if you have been to the chimpanzee house at your local zoo, as I have at Chester, the worry isn’t cross-breeding or tea etiquette, but haemorrhoids are their true legacy if you take that unedifying look up the tree at their elders’ primate-ish bottoms.

A warning to all vegan nethers.

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