Oh Dear

Some people should not allow themselves to be persuaded to pose for newspaper photographs. Ever.

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  • Jennyta 21st May 2006

    The woman’s grieving for her lost dog, for heaven’s sake! 😉

  • Shooting Parrots 21st May 2006

    I feel sorry for her, I really do, about the lost dog because I know how I’d feel if our Jack went missing. But be honest — “Oh dear!”

  • Laura 21st May 2006

    SP you are soooo mean. I love it.

  • Yorkshire Pudding 22nd May 2006

    Ooooo! Nicola Wardman… I used to “know” her in the biblical sense. She could bang like a shithouse door. Just because you are beautiful Mr S. Parrots doesn’t mean to say everybody else should be too. Such an attitude smacks of elitist Nazi-scum politics. Freedom for the ugly and the fat!

  • J.J 22nd May 2006

    She’s only 36?????!!!!!

  • Shooting Parrots 22nd May 2006

    Ne’er did I cast nasturtiums against Ms Wardman, Yorkie, just the simple observation that, advised by Max Clifford, the media strategy might have been different.

    Notice that I made no comment as to the juxtoposition of Nicola and the poster in the photo. Great restraint on my part I thought.

    But it is with a smile on my face!

  • Shooting Parrots 22nd May 2006

    As you say Jane, a mere 36. Your exclamation marks etc, not mine!

  • Laura 23rd May 2006

    Well, it is pretty obvious why the Shitzu was taken to the pub instead of it’s owner. Too bad, tho. Would have been a far more interesting story if the 10 week old Shitzu had been seen holding up a poster of Nicola with the caption:
    “Have you seen my Mama?”

  • nicola 6th July 2011

    hi there
    i would just like to write to you and let you know i have only just come across this article written about me back in 2006. Your statement is so god damn true but i was told to do that miserable and ugly face for the sake of finding my dog, to which i still have and he is healthy, loves his walks with me three times a day. Yes ive lost weight. That picture did me a real big favour. looking at the comments on me, well i am with them all, i looked terrible and NEVER in my life again will i ever have a photo of me in a paper. thanks

  • Mr Parrot 7th July 2011

    Thanks for stopping by Nicola, if a little belatedly! My point should really have been about newspaper photographers and the way they make people scowl or look sad to illustrate their story. It never looks natural.

    To prove the point, you look really happy in the follow-up story and I’m glad Oscar was found safe and sound.

  • nicola 15th July 2011

    thanks Mr Parrot, Oscar is doing fine and he is never out of my sight. Yes i definately agree with you on the photographers. anything to make a story look good i guess, its what sells the papers. I didnt want to do the article but i wanted to try every avenue to get Oscar found and back in my arms. It worked! The X went out the door as Oscar came in it haha


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