All Muxed Up

Lordi’s victory in the Eurovision on Saturday reminded me of a bloke I used to know who was mad for heavy metal with AC/DC top of his list of favourite bands, but it isn’t his musical tastes that sticks in my memory, but his unintentional ability to create the most surreal mental images by mixing up his words.

My favourite example involved an attractive barmaid at a pub we frequented who he had taken quite a shine to, (or should that be with whom?) Anyway, he stood no chance because of his shyness and not exactly being God’s gift as it were. We were in there one night when a group of three or four lads came in and began chatting up the said barmaid.

“Look at that!” my mate said disdainfully, “Like cows round fly shit!”

Okay, so you had to be there.

Meanwhile (he said changing the subject) if you’re a petrol-head and/or Jeremy Clarkson fan, check out the Melling Hellcat as made in Rochdale. Things looking up for the British motor industry?

UPDATE: Saw the Hellcat on the local telly tonight and the sound of its engine is amazing, a real Detroit roar of the sort you used to get with the old Vauxhall Victor et al. And 0 to 60 in 2.8 seconds. Amazing!

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 23rd May 2006

    I guess you are talking about malopropisms – experts included Hilda Ogen in “Corrie” and now Honey in “EastEnders”. I guess we are all liable to make linguistic cock-ups now and then. Happy Tuesday!

  • Shooting Parrots 23rd May 2006

    Another friend of mine (my cousin actually) has this knack of taking two words and creating a new one that means something, just not what he meant it to mean.

    Two examples: When talking about something he did which he wasn’t sure was a habit or a hobby became, “It’s a hobbit of mine,” and when describing a girl’s poolside attire that could have been skimpy or scanty became, “She wore a scampi bikini.”



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