It’s one of those unanswerables: Where do birds go during the day? They turn up about 7am for the food in the hangers and the stuff we sprinkle on the ground, fat town pigeons, fatter wood pigeons, tits, sparrows and robins and then are gone again by about 9am.

But come 6pm, there they are again. Do they commute? Do they have office jobs? I would genuinely like to know.

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  • Laura 23rd May 2006

    They come to our garden where I feed them all day long, especially for raisins. Heh.

  • Shooting Parrots 23rd May 2006

    Ah! They leave our table for an upmarket one — pigeons who lunch!

  • Yorkshire Pudding 24th May 2006

    Like the song says – “Spread your wings and fly away…” then you will know that they’re having avian orgies in the bushes!


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