When we first got connected to the internet in the mid-90s through Mrs P’s home office, I tried to demonstrate to my then four/five year old son what a marvellous thing it was.

“You can find out about just about anything with this, ” I told him. “What do you want to find out about? I know, how about the X-Men?” and I typed that into the then pre-Google search engine and got an early indication that the www is a place to tread warily — the results that came back decided that what I was interested in was “sex with men.”

The reason I’d chosen the X-Men was because there was an excellent animated version of this comic classic on Saturday kids’ tv and Master P was a big fan probably because so was I. The common or garden printed on paper X-Men (who were also ‘Uncanny’ in my day) was a favourite of my youth.

I loved the mix of characters who, despite their incredible powers, also had their failings or were haunted by their pasts. The animated series brought this to life: Professor X and Magneto both scarred by the holocaust; Wolverine, the product of Cold War experimentation, supplementing his mutant powers of recovery with a skeleton and claws of adamantium (always said in a deep and menacing tones with the emphasis on the last syllable); Cyclops, the kid from an orphanage; and the mystical Jean Grey.

And they had such great villains too with great lines, like Apocalypse and his, “I am the rock on the eternal shore. Crash upon me and be broken!”

I could go on, but I won’t. First, I think I’ve established my X-Men credentials and second, you’ve probably dropped off by now or clicked the back button.

What made me think about this is that today is my little lad’s birthday (little lad — as my 15 year old closes in on being a six foot brick outhouse while I lag two or three inches behind) and I suggested that we might go and see X-Men: The Last Stand, but he’d already seen it so we went for a family belly-busting blowout instead.

And there’s the nub of it. Despite all the above, I have not seen one of the three X-Men films, not at the cinema or on DVD, something I should rectify, unless you think I might be disappointed.

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