I Don’t Like Mondays

The one thing I hate most about Mondays is the lack of news. You pick up a paper on a Bank Holiday Monday expecting to be enlightened (hey, a cynic can dream) and what do you get:

  1. Babies aborted for not being perfect
  2. German Pope says prayers at Auschwitz
  3. Blair scrounging again
  4. Nick Faldo about to pluck wife no.4 (from golf bag)
  5. Brown’s billions ‘sovietising’ the north

I could go on, but I won’t. It’s all the stuff we read about yesterday. A re-hash of the hash. But if I’ll pick one out, it’s the Prezza Plays Croquet while he was “meant to be running the country” story.

It’s not so much the croquet that the class-warrior should have spurned that gets me. On that premise, I wouldn’t know how to play chess or bridge or be able to ride a fox to death, only the latter I haven’t tried because I don’t look good in red.

No, it’s the “meant to be running the country” stuff. What is that all about? Do we expect our stand-in leader to be 24/7 sweaty-browed with a hairy finger poised over the nuke button? Or dozing by the phone expecting a call from GWB? Perhaps doing an eni-meeni-mini-mo as to which donor gets a seat in the Lords?

Nope. As far as I can tell, the country gets by and by with no hand on the tiller. I’m with Blognor Regis on this one — Mountain meets Molehill.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 30th May 2006

    Drake played bowls before tackling the Spanish Armada so why shouldn’t Mr Prescott play croquet before tackling his secretary? Besides, the intricate game of croquet could be seen as a metaphor for national politics -hammer the f***ing thing through when nobody else is looking!

  • krip 30th May 2006

    Does anybody know who is running the country then? Please enlighten me.

  • Blognor Regis 30th May 2006

    Ah! Yorkshire Pudding beat me too the idea but – inspired in parallel – I have configured a photofit of the front cover of what Ye Mail on Sundaye might have looked like back in 1588.

  • Shooting Parrots 30th May 2006

    Yorkie: Exactly!

    Krip: The country is best run when it isn’t!

    Mark: Exactly revisted!


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