Babies and Bathwater

I’m no scientist and never had the wit or application to become one, but I do have faith in science to do its best. That might sound odd until you look back and realise that far too many people think that scientists only exist as a conspiracy to do us harm.

Like the MMR and fluoride debates. I’ve no problem with people questioning whether MMR causes autism and Crohn’s disease, or that fluoride is mass-medication and causes fluorosis, bone cancer in seven-year-old boys, infertility or as used by the Nazis (and Soviets) to make folk docile. (Have you ever met a docile Brummie?)

No, it’s the idea that the NHS is a co-conspirator. If that institution is so cash-strapped as we’re led to believe, why on earth would it contribute to its own problems by promoting a debilitating product?

Come to that, if fluoride is so widely used in the US, the most litigious country in the, why has there not been a successful compo claim?

All of which is by-the-by as what made me think about this was a story I read today about Thalidomide being used to treat youngsters with brain tumours. The idea is that the very thing that Thalidomide did in restricting blood flow to developing limbs might be put to good use in starving tumours.

Some limited success it seems and preferable to chemotherapy in some cases. It’s the shock-horror mention of Thalidomide that gets under your skin. What would you think if asked to take it? Horror and shock, as previously mentioned, would be my guess.

So some advice: if prescribed Thalidomide for cancer or other treatments, ignore the headlines. If you’re male or non-parturient, it won’t do you any harm.

And the baby will not have been thrown out with the bathwater.

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  • J.J 30th May 2006

    Dear Mr S.P.

    It is I.

    I have moved on, but please do still come and visit me.


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