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There’s a major city centre commercial redevelopment building project going on near where I work — offices, a retail centre, apartments and a hotel. I went on the Piccadilly Place website today for a nosey and got a bit of a surprise.

I clicked on the green button for 3, Piccadilly Place and as the Flash display began, I thought, “Bloody hell! That’s me!”

What they’ve done is take some pix at the existing improvements, namely Piccadilly Station and its approach and caught me nipping out for a paper, then dropped in the artist’s impression of what will be behind it.

That’s me bottom right on the first pic and bottom left on the second. I think it’s actually the same shot reversed. I obviously fit their match for a global good business image. Wonder if I should sue for an infringement of my image rights?

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  • Laura 6th June 2006

    SP going for world domination!

    I am not sure if they can just do it though. So if you want to secure yourself a VIP place at the Grand Opening, this is your moment.

  • Yorkshire Pudding 6th June 2006

    Take care or you will be as sick as a parrot when they dismiss you! Surely “nipping out for a paper” in work time is a sackable offence – though Prescott seems to have got away with screwing his secretary in work time so you just might survive.

  • Blognor Regis 6th June 2006

    Big brother is watching you, in the future!

  • Shooting Parrots 6th June 2006

    Yorkie: Nipping out for a paper is all part of the job I assure you. And before you ask, no I’m not the office paper boy!

    Mark: I not emotionally or psychologically unstable enough for Big Brother to be interested in me!

  • Shooting Parrots 6th June 2006

    Oh, and Laura: You might be onto something there. I shall make inquiries.

  • J.J 6th June 2006

    Now that would really freak me out! What if you had been with someone you should not have been with???

  • Steve 6th June 2006

    My word you look well-presented.

    I take it this modernist piece ‘o’ crap is going to be erected between the Brunswick and the station?

    I’m not impressed. I like modern stuff usually, but this just looks like something Prince Charles would have designed.

    It’s not from the same folks who brought us No1 Picadilly is it?

  • Jennyta 7th June 2006

    Is it really? You’re not a bit like I imagined……;)

  • Shooting Parrots 8th June 2006

    JJ: Yes it was pretty spooky. I guess the wouldn’t risk a shot of a ‘couple’ just in case!

    Steve: It’s on the other side of London Road, from the Malmaison to the Queen’s Hotel and they will be building a pedestrian bridge across to it from the station.

    What can be seen so far looks okay, other than it is blocking what was a pleasant view across the city and university, particularly at sunset.

    Jenny: I don’t think I dare ask what it was you imagined!


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