Why am I not surprised

It always struck me as an odd decision to show the England v Paraguay on a big screen in Manchester and at other places around the country. Ingerland live, thousands of ‘fans’ packed like sardines, beer and sun in large measures, wasn’t it bound to end in tears?

“Not shit Shylock,” springs to mind. Not quite the right phrase, of course, but it does make sense when you think about it. Me borrowing a cliché and working it for all it’s worth.

What you probably don’t know is that the NHS stepped in to lessen the carnage by getting ASDA to supplement the beer intake with 10,000 bottles of water for the dehydrated crowd, hopefully keeping folk out of A+E with blinding headaches and finger-furniture shaped bruises.

Fingers-crossed, the BBC will scrap these communal piss-ups and let us fly our flags in peace.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 12th June 2006

    My England v Paraguay day:
    1. Bacon sarnie and tea at 9.30
    2. Shower
    3. Get in car to visit “Netto” to do the weekly shopping.
    4. Return from shopping.
    5. Out in garden reducing monster hedge with Black and Decker “trimmer”.
    6. Pork pie and pickled cucumber with cup of tea.
    7. Draw curtains in front room.
    8. Watch match.
    9. Halftime make another cup of tea.
    10. Match is over – out in garden to clear up hedge clippings.
    11. Make barbecue tea.
    12. Watch Sweden/Trinidad game and read paper
    13. Shower.
    14. Out to friend’s house for a little “gathering”.
    15. Home to bed.

  • Jennyta 13th June 2006

    Are you going to write about football all the time for the next few weeks? (said plaintively…;))


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