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Yorkshire Pudding set one of those meme things going the other day, namely our top ten simple pleasures. Good idea and here are mine:

  1. A full English breakfast that must include fried egg, mushrooms, baked beans, fried black pudding, Cumberland sausage, fried bread and full linen service.

  2. Blackbird song in the Spring and Summer. Beautiful, complex and very Mozart.

  3. Sitting down at the keyboard not knowing where your words will take you. Or whether they will even make much sense.

  4. A frost halo around the moon in winter. I’ve only seen it three or four times, when the sky is clear, the temperature biting and the light of a full moon glints off the ice in the atmosphere to create an enormous silver circle in the sky.

  5. The cracking sound that a much anticipated hardback book makes at first opening.

  6. A cup of Twinings breakfast tea with milk and a smidgin of white sugar. Or a large fair deal latte from Zest coffee shop near where I work.

  7. The smell of freshly mown grass. Especially if mown by someone other than by me.

  8. Learning something that I didn’t know yesterday.

  9. A game of Swingball with my kids.

  10. Discovering a comedy or drama classic on Radio 7 that I haven’t heard before.

I’m too old to play tag (who am I kidding?) but if you fancy adding your own ten, please feel free.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 15th June 2006

    I’m interested to discover that another of your work duties is to visit the Zest coffee shop. You really MUST be a Manchester Labour councillor with all these ultra-working class activities you indulge in… By the way, nice list. Thoughtful. Not fond of nookie then?

  • Shooting Parrots 15th June 2006

    I’m hoenstly not a councillor. As Flashman has it about becoming a politician, “I’ve never been given to interferring in other folks’ affairs if I could help it, so I suppose that would have disqualified me.”

    BTW, didn’t notice nookie on your list either. Unless there it was a subtle reference to the clean linen sheets ;0)


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