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I managed to get my name in the paper today in the Answers to Correspondents column. Someone wanted to know why, when they painted one particular white, it would gradually turn pink. Here’s my reply:

The most likely answer is that at some point that radiator was painted red. No matter how many coats of white paint that go on top of it, the red pigment will continue to leech through. I discovered this some years ago when I painted a car visor with red and white stripes to match those on his car and managed to get them the wrong way round.

I repainted the white stripe red without any problem, but no matter how many times I repainted the red stripe white it gradually turned pink. The only answer was to completely strip off the paint and start again which I’m afraid is what you might have to do with your radiator if you really can’t abide pink.

Oh, the fun we had with that car, a black mini with broad red and white stripes that ran from the spoiler on the front, up the bonnet and across the roof on the driver’s side and down the rear visor to the boot.

Fitting the front spoiler was a lark. We had the car up on ramps because you had to get underneath to fit it. The problem was, the spoiler was so deep that we couldn’t get the car down again because it got caught on the ramps which would have ripped it off.

We finally managed it and it lasted all of 45 minutes. As I said, it was very deep with about an inch and a half road clearance and our roads aren’t exactly perfectly level. One pot hole later and the spoiler brought home in the boot. In bits.

Happy days!

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