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What drives me especially mad about this subject is the deranged notion held by some parents — usually middle-class — that there is somehow a gigantic medical conspiracy to keep them in the dark about MMR. “There’s something we’re not being told,” they mutter ominously, as though the medical profession collectively gets its kicks by making people ill and deliberately triggering autism in their children.

Wise words from India Knight in the Sunday Times.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 18th June 2006

    India Knight? I prefer the wiser words of Pakistan Day – “Get your kid down the health centre for the MMR jab and stop pissing about!”

  • Laura 18th June 2006

    It was a good and true piece. What gets me most is that they put other children at risk at well.

    Blair caused a lot of damage by being one of these prats and refusing to confirm what dear Leo was given. You almost wish..

  • J.J 18th June 2006

    I keep hearing about kids round here going down with measles when it had been all but wiped out in Britain. I completely agree with Laura…it’s the risk they put other children in that makes me most angry with these parents.

  • krip 19th June 2006

    Just another example of the scaremongering caused by the ‘meeja’. When will people ever learn?


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