Lost in the Labyrinth

I finally finished Labyrinth by Kate Mosse today. “Blimey!” I can hear the observant reader say, “That took you long enough.” Well as I said at the time, I had plenty of things to distract me and when I got halfway through its 700 pages I did take a break for a week.

I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed it. If I have a criticism it would be in the way in which the parallel plots switch from 13th to 21st century France — just when you get really interested in the one, it flits to the other, and while suspension of disbelief is essential, the ultimate secret of the Grail is even more implausible than Dan Brown’s.

But unlike Brown, Mosse is a fine writer and if the kernel of her tale may be implausible, she makes it believable. More to the point, she has made me want to visit the places she writes about — Carcassonne and Chartres for example.

The real mystery though is where to find the key to unlock the official website. Try www.mosselabyrinth.co.uk and you’ll find you need a user name and password to enter. I wonder if that is to be the plot for her next book?

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 8th July 2006

    I have been to both Carcassonne and Chartes. I have also been to Rochdale and Glossop. The world really can be your oyster.

  • Shooting Parrots 9th July 2006

    I’ve done Rochdale and Glossop. The world is my lobster!


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