The Italian Job

Couldn’t resist this screenshot from the Daily Mail website — the cure for male infertility is to get stuck into an Italian. Would have been funnier had it been a cure for male baldness.

Radio Five got an Italian lipreader on the case and apparently the exchange between ZiZu and Marco Materazzi had ended with the latter saying, “An ugly death to you and your family,” which apparently is pretty insulting in the land of the the long-legged Italy kicking little Sicily into the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.

Or kicking the French players last night. Your smugness alarm should be ringing by now, but I had been tipping Italy from the group stage, although I confess that I also thought they would would have beaten France with some style in the final. Instead, they reverted to type.

Whatever, ZiZu, a French footballing zealot at the zenith of his career hit the nadir instead, turning into Sagittarius of the zodiac bt head-butting Materazzi. The zephyr who zigzagged his way in the centre of the park, zestful as ever, but only a zetetic might answer the question. Or the zoom lens and ZiZu was zent off.

Which fittingly sealed the game for me. As in Zzzzzzzz.

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  • J.J 10th July 2006

    Imprezzzzzzed by your uzzzzzze of zzzzzzzz’s!

  • Yorkshire Pudding 11th July 2006

    Not that I am infertile of course having spawned numerous offspring, but just in case I have future problems in that area I am now going to start getting stuck into Italians every week… tagliatelli, lasagne and even that pollenta shit the Eyeties eat.
    I think Mazerattzi was in fact saying to Zidane that his mother doesn’t know how to cook pollenta and thgis is what enraged him.

  • Blognor Regis 12th July 2006

    Excellent ‘Z’ing. That deserves a round of applause.


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