After all these weeks of glorious weather and sweltering in the office, what happens when I get to take a few days off? Yep, it has poured with rain all day, so hard at one point that the pergola threatened to collapse under the weight of water and had to be hurriedly disassembled.

But if the weather prevented any trips out, it did let me concentrate two things I’ve been focussed on lately, Titan Quest and my book, Panic, by Jeff Abbott and both are recommended.

I finally finished TQ today by vanquishing a giant, four-armed cyclops called Typhon and thus saving the world of man and gods. Trouble is, this unlocks the ‘epic’ version of the game which means playing it all over again, except the monsters are harder.

Panic is real page-turner if you like thrillers. It tells the story of a twenty-something documentary maker that discovers that neither he or his parents are who he thought they were, before dipping him into the murky world of espionage. Well written, well constructed and well paced. And available in paperback for just £6.99!

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