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One of the great things about lazy Sundays, if you’re a blogger in the UK, is the Sunday Times. It provides so many offbeat or amusing snippets to point a link at. Nothing wrong with that and something I’ve done myself a few times.

The star in the ST firmament is undoubtedly Jeremy Clarkson whose writing just gets better and better, so much so that I have to curb the urge to quote and link every week. But I couldn’t resist today.

Cars don’t do much for me. Given an unlikely Lottery win (I don’t buy tickets) I doubt if I’d waste part of it on petrol and speed, but his review of the Nissan Micra C+C is a hoot:

Now we all know that meetings don’t work.

All of them — with no exceptions — are a complete and utter waste of everyone’s time. Show me someone who goes to a lot of meetings and I’ll show you someone who doesn’t have a proper job.

All the great inventions and great leadership choices come from the mind of one egomaniac who then gets the job done. Everything after the initial idea is formulated can be achieved by e-mail.

Quite so,

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 13th August 2006

    Look carefully at the Micra Convertible’s number plate – it’s a mirror image which means that the car in the picture was left-hand drive. They don’t call me Sherlock for nothing you know. Now I need to figure out why they did this. By the way, Jeremy Clarkson comes way down at 472 on my list of favourite famous Yorkshiremen – sandwiched between David Blunkett and Nazeem Hamed.

  • Mosher 15th August 2006

    The “image switching” is often down for aesthetic reasons. Some pictures just look better with the person on the left or right, depending on where it is on the page. I’ve noticed this a lot in film magazines and the like as well.

    As for meetings, you can’t ban them! One day I’ll be a manager and I want to be able to skive off, do nothing and get paid more for it.


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