Pane in the Glass

Thanks Jenny and Yorkie for your concern over the job situation. My interview is tomorrow, so perhaps more then and details of a rather traumatic phone call on Friday.

Meanwhile, taking photographs of something that is transparent isn’t easy, but I managed the one above by getting Miss P to hold a piece of black card to one of our windows. Can you make out the perfect circle with the ragged edge? Well we just spotted it this morning and are stumped by the phenomenon.

At first we thought it was some sort of sticker put there by one of the kids, but when I checked the window inside and out it became clear that the pattern is actually on the inside of the double-glazing. Weird. Has anybody else come acrosss these patterns?

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 13th August 2006

    Yes we have one of these in our double glazing too! They are left by alien scouts from the Planet Xanthos. I understand that these “crimpons” are used as markers so that when the spaceships come to partially evacuate Earth – those of us who have been “crimped” will be left behind to oversee the end of the World.


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