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I said I would say something about the recent job business, in particular a bizarre phone call on Friday. To update you as to where I was up to at that point, I had filled in an online personality type questionnaire, a work preferences questionnaire and had had a half-hour telephone interview to back up the latter.

My plan had been to completely relax over the weekend, to empty my head of the job business and then spend Monday morning preparing for the interview in the afternoon, so I was non-plussed when I received the call saying, “You haven’t applied for the job.”

“But I’ve got an interview,” I said.

“But you haven’t applied,” came the echo.

“But I’ve done the assessment questionnaires and had the phone interview,” I countered.

“But you haven’t filled in the online application form. There was an email about it earlier this week.”

“Given the above, why would I think that that round robin email was aimed at me?” However, for the sake of a quiet life, I emailed the link home, promising to fill it in over the weekend. Goodbye relaxation.

Saturday morning I called up the site to find that the job had disappeared as Friday had been the closing date, so the only thing I could do was work up a CV. Now I know most people have one that they update as and when, but I don’t. One, I don’t often have need of one and two, CV fashions change and what was chic five years ago is this year’s pashmina.

I called a friend who is also a colleague and CV guru who gave the usual ‘less is more’ advice. “Don’t go back more than ten years and give four to six achievements bullet points. And include numbers wherever you can, measurables and the benefits.”

After an exchange of emails, we had it crafted by Sunday teatime and I sent it off first thing Monday morning.

I then sat down to prepare for the interview, but that went out the window as I had a series of ‘things that must be done now’ phone calls. I had intended treating it as if it was any other interview and turn up at the appointed hour, but ended up going in early to deal with various things.

But all’s well that ends well. I got the job I wanted (I think!) and in a way the non-preparation probably helped as I perform much better when I busk it.

Did I celebrate? Another plan that went up in smoke. I rang Mrs P with the news and we thought that a family meal out would be good. Except that when I got home, Master P had gone to his friend’s house, Miss P was cooking herself a chicken risotto and Mrs P was teetering on top of ladders in the garden picking apples off one of our trees.

Me? I was shattered and not much in the mood for an evening out, so we’ve put it off until the weekend when, hopefully, it can be a double celebration. Miss P gets her exam results on Thursday on which rests her uni hopes. Oh dear. Something else for me to be a worrywort about.

Nobody’s prefect. If you find any spelling mistakes or other errors in this post, please let me know by highlighting the text and pressing Ctrl+Enter.

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  • Jennyta 15th August 2006

    Glad it turned out OK in the end and very good luck to Miss P for her results.

  • Yorkshire Pudding 17th August 2006

    You could have shaken the ladder. No one would have evet known it was you.


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