Sheffield Steal

Blimey, talk about meeting with triumph and disaster and treating those two impostors just the same, well the Parrot household had a brush with both today. In a nutshell, Miss P’s A-level results were a disaster as far as her plans to go to Salford to study physiotherapy.

Poor kid was devastated, absolutely in bits. The thing about being a parent is that you can’t do it for them (although some do, of course) and you feel so helpless. And we’re not quite sure where she went wrong, but Plan A lay in tatters with no Plan B in sight.

Unfortunately, I had to go to work and when I phoned home mid-morning to see how things were going Mrs and Miss P were about to leave for college to talk to her careers adviser.

At lunchtime, I got a call from a clearly excited and delighted Miss P to say that she had been offered a place at Sheffield Hallam on a combined psychology and sociology course.

This is great news for several reasons:

  1. Sheffield was her uni of choice, albeit to study physiotherapy.
  2. The reason she wanted to go to Sheffield is because it’s a great place, big enough to be a city and small enough to be familiar.
  3. I was never totally convinced by the physio idea given that there are more coming out of uni than the NHS can employ at the moment.
  4. Psychology and sociology are Miss P’s strongest suit.
  5. The core of the course means she can switch to physio if she really wants to.
  6. And if she doesn’t, the course chosen opens more career opportunities.
  7. It isn’t Salford.

The last one is a joke, honest Mark. Everything has a downside though, namely £3k a year tuition fees, but if that means the difference between the Miss P at 9am and the one at lunch, well it’s worth it.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 17th August 2006

    Well done to Miss Pretty-Polly. As you know, I am an inhabitant of Sheffield. I have discussed this with my wife and we are prepared to give Miss P free board and lodge during her first year. In return she will only have to do our washing, ironing, cleaning, cooking, washing up, cat-tending and gardening. Let’s say it’s like another degree – in Reality Studies. Sheffield is certainly a buzzing city – the hills divide it into village-like zones and I’m one of the village idiots.

  • Jennyta 17th August 2006

    Well done to Miss Polly but I’d say give YP’s offer a wide berth! My elder daughter did her degree in Sheffield and liked the place so much she stayed there and has now bought a house. Now she might have a room to spare in return for shopping, floor scrubbing, garden-landscaping, roof repairs…. Would you like me to ask her? 😉

  • Shooting Parrots 18th August 2006

    Hmm! Miss P is hopeless at such tasks. Somnething to reserve for year two?

  • J.J 20th August 2006

    Phew! So happy to hear a positive result for Miss P. And Sheffield is a great city – she will have such a good time there.


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