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All is quiet and well in the Parrot household. Master P and his mates are gaming in the office, while Mrs and Miss P are watching BB. They claim it’s all to do with observing the group dynamics. Mrs P is a psychology graduate, Oxon no less, while for Miss P this is the new challenge in Sheffield. At least it’s their story and one they’re happy to stick to.

Me? I’ve spent most of the day with Andy Burnham as he talked about new hospitals being built under the ‘controversial’ Private Finance Initiative. I’ve been with some great people in Salford, which was something of a media circus, where Hope Hospital will finally get rid of some of the most crappy Victorian buildings with accommodation more suited to the 21st Century, let alone the 19th.

I want to put politics aside on two counts. First, I’ve met many politicos in the past and some have been complete arses. I should name names, but I won’t. Oh alright then — Mellor. But Andy is a a really personable bloke.

Second, if we want new hospitals other than by PFI, what’s the alternative?

Ideologically driven, you’d say “public purse.”

Been there, done that. Said purse has midweek shopping change that buys a bit of scrag-end to tide you over to the weekend. The NHS equivalent was a bit of build here, a bit of a build there, and sod all improvement.

So what is the alternative? Answers on postcard please. Or in the comments.

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  • Jennyta 19th August 2006

    I just wanted to comment on the psychology aspect of BB. I am sure it is a fertile ground for such observations. I have tried, but couldn’t bear to have it on for more that 30 seconds. 🙁 Mrs and Miss P. are obviously made of sterner stuff!


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