This Isn’t Just Water…

Stories about bottled water being a rip-off surface every now and then, like the one involving Prince Charles, although the poor lamb must need the money, but I’ve just uncovered the ultimate — M+S Ironing Water.

Being the one who mostly does the ironing, Mrs P presented it to me as a ‘gift’ the other day and I tried it for the first and last today. Its apple and summer rose fragrance filled the room and made it smell pleasant, but I’m not quite sure what it did for the clothes.

The one litre bottle was just enough the tackle our weekly ironing basket and at £1.99 a throw, it seems a needless luxury, especially as the bills for Miss P’s imminent departure to uni mount up, the latest ‘gulp’ purchase being a MacBook. Mind you. it looks the business and further proof of my daughter’s impeccable good taste!

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 28th August 2006

    Rather than buying you ironing water, your Norwegian Blue spouse should have got you a lovely pinafore – essential for “new men” at the ironing board.

  • Jennyta 31st August 2006

    With frills!


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