One Piece at a Time

Well, it’s started, that sure sign that the seasons are changing. No, not the nights drawing in; not the fruit ready for harvest; not the autumnal nip in the air; nor the heavy morning dew. No, it’s the television ads for part works.

I only watched telly for half an hour tonight and they tried to tempt me with the magical of ballet, the complete films of John Wayne on DVD, each with a behind the scenes guide, and a Lord of the Rings chess set cast in solid lead. (Where is Health and Safety when you need them.) And all at premium prices.

Now I can see that the first might keep a pre-teens girl occupied and that the second might appeal to an older generation who want to watch a Duke film every fortnight over the winter months, but a chess set at two pieces a month? What is the point of a chess set of anything less than 32 pieces?

I don’t know enough of other countries to say if this is a peculiarly British thing, but I suspect it might be. If I wanted to build a model of the Bounty or whatever, I’d go and buy one and spend a few nights putting it together (badly.) I wouldn’t do it a piece at a time every two weeks, though I suppose it worked for Johnny Cash.

I only wonder that Ikea hasn’t started selling us bookshelves, an allen key screw, washer or a shelf a fortnight.

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  • Jennyta 31st August 2006

    Makes a change from all the sofa adverts, I suppose.

  • Yorkshire Pudding 2nd September 2006

    I think that the fruit from your trees was another sure sign that autumn is round the corner!!! By the way, you could always watch the BBC if you don’t like the ads that cause one to shake one’s head in despair for one’s countrymen.


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