100 n.o.

I loved the story of Buster Martin, the man who celebrated his 100th birthday today by turning up for work at Pimlico Plumbers (but beware.) I heard him interviewed on Radio Five this morning and thought I could detect a hint of a West Country accent which was explained because he grew up in a Cornish orphanage before moving to London.

Buster puts his longevity down to drinking a pint of bitter every day and the bit of the interview that put a smile on my face was when the interviewer asked, “You were eight when the First World War started. Do you remember it?”

“Yes,” said Buster, “I was in a pub drinking a pint of bitter.”

“You started drinking when you were eight?” asked the interviewer incredulously.

“No,” Buster answered, “I started when I was seven.”

Lift your glasses please to a very colourful character.

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  • Jennyta 1st September 2006

    But does it work with wine?


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