Up and Down Dale

Definitely one for Ripley’s Believe Or Not, but Blackpool, of all places, has gone PC on us. The switch was flicked last night to turn on the illuminations which includes a billboard-sized version of Picasso’s Guernica alongside a missile. This depiction of the massacre of the Basque town is apparently intended to inspire peace. I’m not sure how that is supposed to work.

Among the other ‘highlights’ is the 110ft “Green Machine” which is powered entirely by wind and solar energy. What? Folk in Blackpool are powered by beer, burgers, beer, candy floss, beer, curry, mostly reprised on The Big One.

But the most obvious example of PC-ness was that the BBC vetoed the popular choice of Peter Kay to do the honours, instead insisting that it should go to the orange Dale Winton. I’m not surprised that Kay took the huff. Does BBC stand for the Blackpool Brassneck Corporation?

Mind you, since Dale’s original surname name was ‘Wanton‘, maybe he was at home after all.

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