Mrs P has done a Rooney/Beckham and has broken the fourth metatarsal of her right foot. However, unlike Messrs Rooney and Beckham, she didn’t break it by falling awkwardly in stupidly designed boots, but by dropping a full mug of coffee on it walking down the hall.

Also unlike R+B, Mrs P wasn’t put in an oxygen tent when she attended A+E, nor was she flown to some exotic place to see a specialist. What she did get was a roll of sticking plaster to use to bind her third and fourth toes together. What this is meant to achieve she isn’t quite sure as the break is in her foot, not her toe, and she is in more pain when she follows this advice.

This has scuppered her favourite pastime of walking the dog for several hours on Saturday, although the good news contained in the BBC link above is that she can wear her walking boots.

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  • Anonymous 3rd September 2006

    Are you sure they had the right medical records? My nephew, in hospital recently for an appendectomy was almost treated for kidney failure till they realised they had the wrong records. (Jennyta)

  • Shooting Parrots 3rd September 2006

    Yes, it was definitely Mrs P’s foot they x-rayed!


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