Have you noticed how the word ‘story’ has suddenly become redundant? As in phrases like ‘end of’ and ‘same old’ or ‘same old, same old.’ I wonder if this means we should be buying tickets for a production of West Side, or sitting the kids down to watch a video of Toy. The romantically inclined could buy Love on DVD.

And does it end there? Should we be driving round looking for a multi car park or take a fast lift to go up the 50 Beetham Tower? Just a thought.

Meanwhile, I spotted the headline about Thatcher being questioned by police over an alleged assault. Aye, aye, I thought, she dusted off the trusty handbag again, but I was wrong.

But I read the headline correctly about the revamping of the cycling proficiency test. I remember going through the Saturday morning lessons before being awarded my badge which I still have somewhere. I was proud of that achievement and included it on my CV for my recent interview, although strangely none of the panel commented on it.

All of which will tell you that the news that TB will step down as PM didn’t register too highly on my personal seismic meter — just get on with the bloody job you’re paid for lads, instead of this “I’m not your friend anymore” and “He pushed me first” stuff.

I put it down to their long summer holiday. Like the kids, the first two weeks are fine, then they get bored and restless and start fratching and you have to find ways of distracting them.

So my advice to Father of the House, Alan Williams, is to pack Tony and Gordon into the back of the government car and get down to Alton Towers or wherever and I promise you that they’ll come back the best of mates.

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  • J.J 8th September 2006

    Or he could send them to the naughty corner.

    Yes I admit to having seen Supernanny on tele this week. Lots and lots of fratching on that I can tell you.


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