Meant to mention yesterday that Dolly’s angel continued to look after her this weekend and last week.

Having been allocated a box next to a borstal, where parking a car under a CCTV is an essential, not a desirable; and damp towels on the floor is an open invitation to silverfish; and laptops vanish to the pawnshop faster than you can say password, the angel intervened.

Mrs P put in a call at the last minute to see if there was something better available and there was. A gulp moment when we heard how much, but Mrs P had a “what would the Parrot say?” and answered, “Yes.” Or crackers, not sure which.

Anyway, Dolly has a room with tons of room, as witnessed by this, and this, and this, and close to the city centre.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 26th September 2006

    Borstal? There isn’t one in Sheffield as far as I know. Also what’s with this “Princess” stuff? Are you Dirty Den? I told you she could have lived with us in return for a few household chores. Also she could have commuted back and forth from Manc though I can understand why young people wish to flee from there whenever they get the chance. Seriously, I hope your little pigeon finds a fair wind and enjoys a lovely journey, occasionally returning home to push your wheelchair.

  • Shooting Parrots 26th September 2006

    Okay, not a borstal. (Not sure they do those these days — young offender thingy?) But definitely disturbed and disturbing young adults next door.

    As for Princess, a throwback to when she was little. Obviously I had been sublimily affected by Eastenders which is interesting as I never watched it.

    In fact, the kids have a fab pavlovian response to the dum-dum-dum sig tune and instantly shout “Rubbish!” at the screen before changing channel.

  • Yorkshire Pudding 27th September 2006

    Disturbed and disturbing young adults? She must have been bang next to my school! If I meet her in the street, I’ll take her out for some tripe and onions at the Castle Market – then six pints of bitter and a visit to one of Sheffield’s many dens of iniquity -such as “The Leadmill” or “Plug” or any bar on the infamous West Street. The city is filled with evil temptations!


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