In my old job, getting out and about was easy. Two and a half million people live in the compact urban area that is Greater Manchester and with the M60 outer ringroad, getting about is a doddle — you’re probably no more than a half hour car journey from most places.

Things are different under the new regime. Overnight the patch I’m responsible for has mushroomed to an area that stretches from Crewe to Carlisle and from Saddleworth Moor to the Wirral and miles I’m driving have increased accordingly. By my reckoning, my mileage is destined to explode from a planet-hugging 8,000 a year, work and personal, to more like 12,000.

Apart from my growing contribution to carbon emissions, this is having a serious impact on my comedy collection. Previously I would pick and choose the programmes to record at BBC7 and burn to CD to listen to in the car. That used to be more than enough to see me through a week’s journeys, but with the extended travel time, I’ve been scratching around for things to record.

Today I was up in Blackpool and realising that my CDs were dwindling I recorded Ross Noble Goes Global over at Radio 4. I’d never really fancied the programme before, but I have to say I really enjoyed it. So not only have my horizons literally broadened, but also in my comedic tastes.

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