The Philosopher’s Stone

Another subject that Master P is considering is philosophy so today I had a troll over to Dillon’s to pick up a copy of Discourse on Method and The Meditations by that free-thinking duo, René and Des “I’m pink, therefore I’m Spam” Cartes.

We have a dog-earred copy somewhere in the house, but God knows where it’s gone. And we know He does know because René and Des proved He exists, although Mrs P has vivid memory of reaching that point in the work and screaming, “No you bloody haven’t!” at the page.

The idea is that Master P can have the briefest of touches of the philosopher’s stone to see if it is something he wants to do. Personally, I think it will pair wonderfully with his interest in the sciences as all the best philosophers were mathematicians and scientists and vice versa.

Anyway, while in Dillon’s deep-thinking department, I also picked up a copy of Do You Think What You Think You Think by Julian Baggini and Jeremy Stangroom, they of the memorable names. So far, I’ve learned that I’m either an incredibly subtle thinker or a mass of contradictions. I would like to think the former, but suspect the latter.

In theory there is a website, but it doesn’t work just like the bloke who got a smack on the head from an airborne tortoise.

Subtle stuff, this Deep Thought. At least it isn’t the Zeno Paradox. There’s bollocks for you on a grand scale.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 6th October 2006

    Eh? Ye wot? Sounds like tha’s swallowed a feckin’ dictionary! Why can’t yer lad do a normal degree like joint honours in Sports Science with Media Studies at the Metropolitan University of Glossop!


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