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I don’t watch much TV, but when I do I often get suckered into the plot. The 24 series became real for me and I actually believed that picking up the phone might get me on to Who Wants to be a Millionnaire, but tonight’s episode of The Amazing Mrs Pritchard took the credulity biscuit.

It was the bit near the end when Mrs P (not the name) decides that Westminster should be moved from London to Bradford. Setting aside the “If the world had piles” joke, the idea hasn’t a chance, not because it’s naïve, but because it doesn’t go far enough.

Parliament should be peripatetic, spending three or four weeks a year out and about in our great cities. It can’t be difficult as the main parties descend upon them twice a year for Spring and Autumn conference seasons without a problem. There are venues, there is security and, Brighton apart, all have gone off without incident.

And if they did, why not a citizens’ jury to pass verdict on the performance of their Parliament? It could replace X-factor or Strictly CD on a Saturday night.

Okay, so I might be off with the fairies, but it does make you think that the world might be different, even if it never will be. Doesn’t stop me dreaming.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 11th October 2006

    Dear Rotting Carrots,
    I’m right behind you with this idea – a peripatetic parliament. Yes! The only trouble is that we the tax payers would be expected to foot the bill for the politicians’ roving lifestyle and you can bet your life those big-headed bastards wouldn’t deign to stay in a £25 a night B&B.; I do like the idea of public voting as on the X Factor.


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