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Oh the excitement! We are invited to a wild, wild party. None other than that for the 15,000th episode of The Archers. Alright perhaps Ambridge isn’t exactly a walk on the wild side (though it’s had its moments of late) and neither were we invited, rather Mrs P won the tickets for two over at Archers Addicts.

So I should record Mrs P’s winning entry to show you how it’s done — although if you’re not into The Archers, it will be pretty meaningless:

Dear Archers people
No anniversary gathering could possibly be complete without me – one of your most stalwart listeners. At 6 years old I recall our budgie (blue – name of Joey!) hopping around in his cage, inspired each evening by the dum-di-dum theme to call “Want to come out of me ‘ouse”!(He was a good Northern budgie, hence the dropped aitch!!) And this is a true story – the budgie got a lot of attention in 1961 – no Sky Sports then!

45 years later I am still listening and will continue to listen until one of Jill’s cakes doesn’t rise, or there’s no longer a gleamin Brian Aldridge’s eye, or no Archers at Brookfield.

Please send my tickets (well, I might as well be pushy!)

PS. Sam can’t possibly have an affair with Ruth cos then he’s have to leave the programme and he can’t do that cos he’s lovely, if dull. So he could suddenly (and entirely unbelievably, but rather excitingly!) realise his sexual orientation has shifted and fall madly in love with that sweetie pie Ian.

Then heartbroken Adam could be mauled and killed by a big cat (on a brief visit from Dartmoor?) as he wanders, cold and alone, around Home Farm in the early hours of a glorious frosty Christmas morning.

There you go – sorted! How to disentangle Sam and Ruth and get your big Christmas story all in one go……. and that’s why I’m not a scriptwriter!!

Saddo that I am, I’m rather looking forward to it.

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