Bitten by the Bug

I have been struggling manfully (ie complainingly) with a cold since the weekend which I put down to Miss P’s visit, bringing with her all those ‘student flu’ germs, and yes, I know that flu is a virus

Anyway, I finally succumbed this morning. I woke at the usual time with a banging headache, a rasping throat, a tongue like sandpaper and barely able to speak. I groaned, rolled over and didn’t surface until noon.

I stumbled around and bravely stirred my own Lemsips — blackcurrant with a dash of sugar, shaken, not stirred — in the hope of finding sympathy, but there was none. So I coughed and coughed, read the paper and recorded some BBC7 programmes while I wheezed.

I cheered up when I saw that there were three consecutive UEFA cup matches to watch on the telly, albeit on the snowstorm-ridden Channel 5.

All in all, an uninteresting day of sickness and hardly what they were expecting as my contribution to History Matters One Day in Time, even if I was two snot-spluttering days too late.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 19th October 2006

    Sheffield is very much a virus-free city. “Methinks” it could be the dreaded lurgi! Why is yer Channel 5 snowstormed? Have you got a decent aerial? If not – GET ONE!

  • Anonymous 20th October 2006

    Poor you, having to mix your own Lemsips!!! Can life get any unfairer??? Hope you are better soon.

  • krip 21st October 2006

    Bin the Lemsip Polly. What you need is a hot toddy (water, scotch, honey and a dash of lemon juice). It may not cure you, but after one or five you are past caring.
    Invest in a digital freeview box. That is if you can pick up digital reception in your area. Your snowstorms will disappear forever

  • Shooting Parrots 25th October 2006

    Polly whezes and crawls back upon the perch from which he has fallen to opine..

    YP: Sadly Sheffield is not the germ-free city its denizens would believe it to be, as witness a continuingly poorly Miss P.

    As for the snowy C5, we have cable and aerials aplenty, but not for my telly in the dining room which makes do with an internal.

    Setting up an external would entail another wire down the side of the house, drilling a hole through an outside wall, pulling up the carpet and floorboards to run the lead across the room, and frankly the programming just isn’t worth it.

    Jenny: Glad to see that my selfless Lemsip stirring has not gone unnoticed!

    Krip: I can always tell when I’m really ill when the remedy doesn’t involve whisky, rum or blackcurrant!


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