This Post is Pre Post-Modern

“I know many Americans are not satisfied with the situation in Iraq,” he said. “I’m not satisfied either.”

Thus spake GWB today, ever the master of the understatement. I’ve just finished re-reading How Mumbo Jumbo Conquered the World by Francis Wheen, recommended reading if you want someone to cut through the post-modernist twaddle for you.

Speaking of the Iraq War in the Mumbo-Jumbo Never Sleeps update, he borrows an earlier jibe by Michael Foot, referring to the destruction of British manufacturing industry in the 1980s, likening the White House to:

“…a magician who borrows an expensive watch from a member of the audience, smahes it with a hammer — and then after much anguished brow-furrowing, confesses that he has forgotten the rest of the trick.”

Quite so. I guess it’s back to the post-modernist essay generator.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 27th October 2006

    Regarding Iraq… haven’t these warmongers learnt anything from History which tells us over and over again that you can’t impose democracy and that the feelings and aspirations of the people will ultimately prevail. They should have known what would happen. 96… sorry now 98 young American soldiers killed this month alone and what for? What bloody well for? The truth is that it was all better under that bastard Saddam Hussein.


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