Abridged Too Far?

“Just when you thought there was no area of British life left for the health and safety lobby to invade, they’ve found another one… the game of bridge.”

Or so the Mail on Sunday would have you believe, and of course there are plenty of believers judging by the response, but the tale isn’t quite what it seems if you bother to read the document that has got them so worked up. I’m no great fan of the H+S lobby, but it’s clear to me that it is intended for those involved in rather more risky study than those learning to play a harmless card game.

Meanwhile, while we moan about these state intrusions on our lives, they are as nothing compared to what some states do to their people — censorship, imprisonment and a denial of freedom of speech, hence the additional bit of code on the right that links to Irrepressible.info, which fragments of state-censored material on your site. Think about it.

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