Veiled Threat

After all that fuss about women wearing the hijab, I can’t believe that this problem hasn’t been an issue before. What is the point of having photo ID if no-one is allowed to see your face? It’s bit like having one of those fingerprint security thingies for your PC, but always having to wear gloves. Totally pointless.

I’m not being ‘ist about this. If women want to be fully veiled, that’s fine by me, but they probably should expect to have to pay the full fare on the buses. But it also begs the question: What happens at passport control? Not a lot apparently.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 2nd November 2006

    I think all ugly women should be forced to wear the hijab. If that was to be the case someone would make an absolute fortune over there in Manchester. They could even make hijabs in Man U or City colours. Mind you I met a young lass the other night – a fresher from South Manchester/Cheshire area. Just eighteen. Gorgeous she was. I think she was called Molly or Polly – something like that. I kept telling her I was too old for her but she just wouldn’t listen. Putting that young hussy under a hijab would be criminal.

  • Yorkshire Pudding 4th November 2006

    Are we getting our hijabs mixed up with our burkhas? I never was too hot on fashion!

  • The Blind-Winger Jones 4th November 2006

    What we forget is that in my day it was normal for the gap-toothed mill girl to wear a coarse shawl as a head covering. The battered fellow raises a valid point. If the unfortunately featured wish to cloak up so as not to provoke alarm then I for one wouldn’t stand in their way. It would be impossible of course, me being a mere spectral shadow incapable of stopping a flea in it’s passage to an eiderdown. But why stop at women, I don’t see why the gentleman making the suggestion shouldn’t benefit from his ingenuity ?


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