Hate Something, Change Something

Will all this talk of changing the law because the courts failed to find Nick Griffin guilty of inciting racial hatred prompted this interesting opinion column in today’s Telegraph by Janet Daley as well as this one in yesterday’s ST.

I think they raise significant issues, not least that you can legislate against behaviour and actions, but hatred is a state of mind and the day laws are passed to penalise people for what they think, no matter how abhorrent, spells the death knell of free speech.

It also means that the politicians are ignoring a swathe of the electorate who genuinely believe that the BNP are the only people speaking for them and who feel disenfranchised by mainstream politics. That is a truly dangerous vacuum that fatuous, knee-jerk legislation cannothope to fill.

As the Honda ad told us, if you hate something, you have to change something and make something better. That would be the attitudes of those who feel left out in the political wasteland.

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