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Time was that fish and chips was a cheap, nutritious meal for the working class of the major industrial cities of the country, but particularly in the north of England.

That time is long gone. I visited our local chippie tonight to buy fish, chips and peas and didn’t have much change out of four quid, so feeding a whole family could easily top £20.

Mind you, at least our chippie is an award winner and even hit the news when a young mum decided to name her daughter after the shop to mark her cravings for curry and chips during her pregnancy, though what daughter Taylor will think about it when she grows up is anyone’s guess. Chipper?

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 18th November 2006

    You’re right about the cost of fish and chips these days! Why it’s almost cheaper to buy an exotic curry or Chinese instead. As for the baby girl being called Taylor… it makes me despair about the stupidity of some of my fellow citizens. Surely they could have called her Haddock instead or perhaps Wantsaltnvinegaronlove? Having seen your daughter pissed up in a cop car in Broomhill, I of course know she is called Cilla after Cilla Black! Very tasteful!


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