The weather has been beautiful this weekend, clear and sunny, if somewhat chilly. Above is an autumnal oak tree in a neighbour’s garden, most of whose leaves seem to end up on our lawn.

UPDATE: To prove the point, we managed to fill our green wheelie bin with leaves, mostly oak, but then I wasn’t counting!

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 19th November 2006

    I am sure that if your darling wife was helped into the green bin she could jump up and down and squash thos leaves down! Also – why not tip the entire bin all over your tree loving neighbour’s driveway? Is it Gary Neville?

  • Jennyta 20th November 2006

    But the tree does look lovely before it sheds its foliage.

  • Shooting Parrots 20th November 2006

    YP: Apart from the last bagful, the photo was taken after I had squashed the leaves down with my hands, painfully finding the one holly leaf in the process.

    Jenny: Yes the tree does look lovely in both summer and autumn, but a bit stark in winter.

  • Blognor Regis 20th November 2006

    I managed a decent bike ride on Saturday and Sunday and managed to avoid the torrential showers that came down within an hour at either end!

    Aren’t the leaves a lovely colour this year? Normally they go mushy and slough off before they get a chance to go golden. I was thinking just yesterday how our dry, thus far, autumn has given the woods around here an almost New England hue.


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