The Man in Black

“I’ve never been an advocate of technology but sooner rather than later they should bring it in.

“When huge decisions at the top level have an impact on teams, management and players then something has to be done.”

Thus spake Mark Hughes after the Blackburn/Spurs game yesterday bemoaning the absence of video technology in footie. I’ve a lot of time for Sparky as a rule, as a player and a manager, but I think he’s got it both right and wrong on this one.

Starting with the wrong, the technology has been used in both rugby codes for ages and there have been examples in very recent times when the bloke in the replay booth has got it wrong big-time. So where do you go from there? A video umpire of the video ref?

Finishing with the right, I’ve said before that the best way to use the technology is to use it retrospectively. That someone, or a group of people, review the replays and for every dive, elbow in the gob etc they issue a yellow or red card.

Under that system, a player could leave the game with an umpteen game ban, the point being that not knowing when they were walking the suspension tightrope they might just start to behave.

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  • Anonymous 22nd November 2006

    still feel that way after that diabolical free kick lat night?

  • Shooting Parrots 27th November 2006

    Yes I do. It was never a free kick and 9 times out of ten it leads to nothing and is dealt with. This time it led to a cracking goal, personally painful though it was.


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