Horses Midstream

If Mr Cameron’s Conservatives succeed, the electoral future belongs to image consultants and marketing experts. But if Mr Brown prevails, there might be a return to real politics. We might actually find ourselves arguing once again about the basic principles of taxation and spending, welfare dependency and wealth creation: as far as Blairites are concerned, this would be a step back into the dark ages before we kicked all this ideological nonsense into the undergrowth. In so many respects – not least those that Mr Brown himself would choose to emphasise – a Brown ascendancy would be a repudiation of what Mr Blair has stood for. But a Cameron win would be a vindication.

Hmm. Can the Telegraph really be beginning to switch allegiances to Broon instead of Cameroon? It’ll be the Daily Mail next.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 5th December 2006

    Ever read “The Broons” Annual? I think their cartoon strip appears in The Sunday Record in Scotland. Gordon Broon could appear in the annual as that fat auld twat who became a Sassenach, ken?
    “Paw! Granpaw! They’s a blind fella at the door ken? Whit shid ah du?”
    “Hide the bairns!”


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